How it works

Post to YouTube in a fraction of time.

Add YouTube Video

Getting started is easy, simply copy and paste your YouTube link into Taja, add some context, and click optimize. That’s it! Taja will analyze your video and channel and provide you with instant optimizations in under 5 minutes.

Instant YouTube Titles, Description, Chapters, & Tags

Unlock the full potential of your content with brand relevant, SEO-optimized YouTube titles, descriptions and chapters, all automated by Taja AI.

YouTube Shorts in Seconds

Save hours on creating short-form content with Taja. With a single click, Taja's advanced optimization model transforms your YouTube videos into viral Shorts, dramatically cutting down your editing time.

Thumbnail Generation

Instantly generate multiple eye-catching thumbnail options with Taja, designed to create the perfect billboard for your video. Need a tweak? Taja’s instant editing tool lets you quickly customize thumbnails to your exact specifications, ensuring your video grabs attention and stands out.

Always-On Optimization

Taja works continuously at every stage, offering insights and tips to improve your old, current, and upcoming videos. With Reactive Analytics, Taja analyzes your video's performance and provides actionable ways to enhance it. The Backlog Boost feature allows you to review and revive videos posted before signing up for Taja with targeted suggestions. Additionally, before you record, Taja provides you with an analysis to plan ahead and optimize your future videos.